• HAV-XTC-HYDHGBS Hydra Hunting Knife, Hunter Green by Havalon Knives

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    Havalon Knives HAV-XTC-HYDHGBS Hydra Hunting Knife, Hunter Green

    Hydra Double-Bladed Hunting Knife in Green

    With a total of 17 blades in 7 different styles, the complete Hydra kit has everything you need to take on the great outdoors

    Liner-lock construction

    Piranta safety lock

    Fits all Havalon blades

    5.875" aluminum alloy handle

    Zipper carrying case included

    Included Baracuta Blades: 1 #127XT, 1 #115XT, 1 #115SW

    Included Pirantas Blades: 3 #60A, 3 #70A, 3 #22XT, 3 #22



    Caper:  Yes

    Combos and Kits:  Yes

    Deboning:  Yes

    Rubberized Handle:  Yes

    Sawing:  Yes

    Skinning:  Yes

    Stainless Steel Blade:  Yes

    Color:  Green

    Environmental features

    Energy Star Qualified:  No

    Recycled Packaging:  No

    Other features

    Country of Origin:  Taiwan

    RoHS Compliant:  No

    Type of Packaging:  Clamshell

    Warranty:  1 Year