• P3-International P3-P7816 Attack Wave Pest Repeller


    P3-International P3-P7816 Attack Wave Pest Repeller

    Attack Wave Pest Repeller

    Use against rodents

    Produces strong sound pressure in the air (ultrasonic), attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents, causing them to abandon food sources and shelter

    Automatic wave variation minimizes the chance that pests will become immune to the sound

    Inaudible and harmless to humans and non-rodent pets

    Chemical and battery free

    Power Supply: 110VAC/DC adapter (included)

    Power Consumption: 1.5W

    Frequency: 30kHz-65kHz

    Pressure: approximately 110dB

    Effective Angle: 260 degrees

    Effective Range: 4,000-5,000 square feet



    Pest Traps and Repellants:  Yes

    Ultra-Sonic Deterrant:  Yes

    Color:  White

    Environmental features

    Energy Star Qualified:  No

    Recycled Packaging:  No

    Other features

    Country of Origin:  Taiwan

    RoHS Compliant:  No

    Type of Packaging:  Retail Box

    Warranty:  6 Month