• P3 INTERNATIONAL P3-P7825 Under Hood Animal Repeller

    $28.70 $25.50

    P3 INTERNATIONAL P3-P7825 Under Hood Animal Repeller

    Under Hood Animal Repeller

    Battery-operated, weather-resistant device that can be easily mounted within any car, tractor, snowmobile, 

    boat, or other vehicle

    Produces powerful sound waves that are very irritating to small animals such as squirrels, rats, and cats

    Easy to mount

    Operates wirelessly

    LED indicator

    On/Off button

    Frequency: 12kHz

    Cycle: 1 second on, 1 second off or 1 second on, 18 seconds off

    Sound Level: 85dB at 1 yard

    Batteries: 2 C alkaline

    Battery Life: 7 months



    Animal and Bird Chasers:  Yes

    Pest Traps and Repellants:  Yes

    Ultra-Sonic Deterrant:  Yes

    Color:  Black

    Environmental features

    Energy Star Qualified:  No

    Recycled Packaging:  No

    Other features

    Country of Origin:  China

    RoHS Compliant:  No

    Type of Packaging:  Retail Box

    Warranty:  6 Month