• Primos PRI-3759 Dogg Catcher Predator Call

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    Primos PRI-3759 Dogg Catcher Predator Call

     Professional calls with push of a button

    50 yard remote gets sounds where you need them

    Clear, natural, and loud calls with no distortion

    6 pre-programmed Randy Anderson sounds: Challenge Howls & Barks, Jackrabbit Distress, Woodpecker

     Distress, Rodent Distress, Cottontail Distress, and Fawn Distress

    Quick adjustable LED indicated volume level

    Compact 50 yard remote is easy to use and attaches to speaker

    Rubber attachment strap allows for attachment to branches, stand, blind, backpack, etc.



    Electronic Game Callers:  Yes

    Includes Remote Control:  Yes

    Pre-Loaded Sounds:  Yes

    Range – Yards:  40

    Color:  Black

    Other features

    Country of Origin:  China

    Warranty:  1 Year