• VC-V-1015B-WH Pendant Speaker - White by VALCOM

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    Valcom pendant speaker

    One-way only

    Ideal for retail, restaurant, office, hallway, patio, etc.

    High-efficiency speaker

    Metal, weather-resistant enclosure

    Simply hang from included 6' chain

    Dimensions: 5.8"Diameter, 8.8"Length

    Weight: 3.2lbs.






    One Way or Talkback                 One-Way

    Self-Amplified                            Yes

    Speaker Style                             Pendant

    Volume Control Knob                 Yes

    Watts                                           7.2

    Color                                            White

    Environmental features

    Energy Star Qualified                 No

    Recycled Packaging                   Yes

    Other features

    Country of Origin                        USA

    RoHS Compliant                         No

    Type of Packaging                     White Box

    Warranty                                     1 year