YEA-YHS34-DUAL 28213 Wideband Headset for Yealink IP Phones

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RJ9 connectivity to Yealink IP phones, including T19(P) E2/T21(P) E2/T23P/T23G/T27G/T29G/T30/T30P/T31/T31P/T31G/T33P/T33G/T40P/T40G/T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S/T42U/T43U/T46U/T48U/T53/T53W/T54W/T57W/T58A/VP59/T41S SFB/T42S SFB/T46S SFB/T48S SFB/T55ASFB/T56A SFB/T58A SFB/MP56

HD Voice/Wideband speaker performance

Noise-canceling microphone and passive noise cancellation

ActiveProtection technology safeguards users from acoustic injury

330° bendable boom arm for easy adjustment without breaking



Monaural or Binaural                           Binaural

Wired or Wireless                                 Wired

Color                                                     Black



Other features

Country of Origin                                 China

Type of Packaging                               Retail Box

Warranty                                               1 Year